Figuring Out How to Be Successful…

I was once told that I possessed two traits that would make me successful. I tell the truth, and I ask for help. That being said what do I know about being successful? For those who’ve been following (and to those just tuning in), I quit my job a week and a half ago, I haven’t collected a salary in 3 months, I’ve been driving around in a minivan with manual transmission, no air-conditioning and no power steering (that I’m borrowing from my parents), I’m a newly wed with 0% insurance who married a husband who just happens to be accident prone and yesterday I realized I bought a bunch of foot-socks for work that I’m probably never going to wear again in my life…First World Problems, Third World Writer 😉

I’m just being dramatic. But serious, what do I know…Success like anything else you do is defined by your own standards – cliched, right? But let’s think about it. I just listed a whole bunch of negative things about my life, but really what I’m trying to get at is even while all these things around me seem to be crappy, I had one striking thought today, “I’m looking forward to tomorrow”. I think for me, that’s what I’d like success to look like.

I mentioned Holistic Learning Center a while back and spoke a little about my dream of having this utopia-type learning environment, which at the moment is taking the form of a private tutoring service. I’m happy to say that I had my first student today and as I drove back home I didn’t feel adrenaline or excitement or anxiety…or relief. I felt at peace, like this is where I was always meant to be. Maybe that’s success, finally finding your place in the world? I don’t think this is where I’ll remain, I have too many aspirations and my need to evolve is too strong. But I think on this path, I can finally see ahead of me. I’m not blinded by my boss’s agenda, or chaotic work environments or the exhaust fumes of the cars in from of me in traffic (and you know how much I hate traffic). The road isn’t completely clear, but I finally know the direction I’m heading.

So anyway I know I didn’t answer any questions, or actually say how to be successful. I’m still figuring it out, but one thing I can say about my first step to becoming successful is to let go of the monetary value of your endeavors. No, this doesn’t mean that money doesn’t matter or that you should do away with all financial gain. I just think that maybe the moment we look past making money as a reason to do things, a world of opportunities open to us and that is when we truly start to excel. Every day will still be a fight, pushing through the negativity of the world, shutting out the voices that discourage us (our own voice at times), standing up to all the traditions and cookie-cutter images that you’re raging against, but one thing will be for certain, the first step to success is just that – a step forward. I’ve said it before, one metaphorical (and literal) foot in front of the other is all it takes, breaking those braces off, feeling the wind in your hair and…run Forrest, run

Also side-note, if anyone wants slightly used foot-socks, holla at ur girl *wink*

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